Cement Gunge Tank 3
Starring the following model:
"Third of my cement or fortune videos with pretend cement in the gunge tank"

Third of my Cement Gunge Tank Gameshow video fantasies where you can win a million pounds or get covered in pretend (deadly) Cement called Cement or Fortune. It is filmed from 4 cameras, 2 of which are in High Definition including 1 in the tank, all of which include the gunging repeated. In terms of lighting is a vast improvement on Gunge Tank 1 and has all the customary Cement Mixer Sound effects. I don't watch Saturday Night TV but if this was a real gameshow would change that, as Dr Gunge says to all is potential female victims "and all the worst of luck."

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Total size:616.24 MB
Total runtime:10 mins, 35 secs
Date added:3/26/14
Year produced:2013
Scene ID:9757
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