Sharon the Silly Bus Driver NHP Gunging
Starring the following model:
"Sharon the silly bus driver like Maria agrees to go in NHP gunge vote"

Sharon the silly bus driver agrees to go against Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator in version of old Noel's house party gunge vote, and despite the odds Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator wins the vote and Sharon has to go in the gungetank to get green gunging. No doubt Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator will eventually lose and get gunged. As usual the scenes with the exception of the side camera are all in full 1080p in 3 front cameras and 2 720hp HD in phone and portable front camera. 6 cameras! The in tank cam is back in operation and there is excellent shoot.

Included at end is 4 replays of the gunging in quick sucession with a quick reverse gunging from the first of the 4 before the 4 replays. Also included is a repeat close up from the main camera after the first gunging in the video, but zoomed in and enhanced..

File count:1
Total size:926.46 MB
Total runtime:15 mins, 25 secs
Date added:6/04/17
Year produced:2015
Scene ID:22988
Includes this file:
8,394 Kbps
926.46 MB
15.4 minutes

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